Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Review Conclusion

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Review Conclusion – We can honestly say that Xiaomi likes to “kill” their own devices. The selling price of Mi 10T Pro starts from RM1,999. It’s a cheap and worthwhile sale price for a flagship device. But, who is this device for and should Poco F2 Pro users switch to this device?

Mi 10T Pro is for those who want it all in one package. If you want a camera, a high refresh rate screen and great performance – this is the device for you. For those who want an AMOLED screen, Mi 10 and Poco are for you. This device is more of an experience wanting to try out a higher smeula fresh kada screen with an adjustable mode as well as a large battery and not forgetting also the great photographic capabilities.

For those who are still using middle class devices or flagship android that are over two years old. This is the device for you. It is balanced in all aspects and satisfying from the user experience. The selling price is also cheap and very competitive. We personally love this device and in our opinion, the Mi 10T Pro is better than the Poco F2 Pro. The letter “T” used answers the value of this device, which is for “Best”.

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Extreme use, on the other hand, like a lot of primers and streams-it only reaches around 4-5 hours of SOT. In fact we can feel that if you only turn on what is necessary, 90Hz mode only and with the saving mode, this device we are sure no problem to accept the battery life reaches 10 hours SOT.

The fast charging system used is 33W USB-A to USB-C. Xiaomi uses the MMT (Middle Tab) charging technique where the charging flow is from the middle and simultaneously breaks the entire battery with more efficiency, speed and guaranteed battery health.

Xiaomi guarantees that charging this 5000mAh battery is less than 1 hour (59 minutes). But in our experiment, if the device starts to heat up it charges for more than 1 hour.


The best LCD screen we have ever tried.
144Hz support with a very smooth and helpful adjustable mode.
Large battery that guarantees durability.
Great camera with more interesting photography and videography capabilities.


Annoying heating problem.
Still Snapdragon 865 instead of 865+ and memory is limited to 8GB RAM only.
The device feels heavy and tired if held for a long time
High camera bulge.