Vivo V20 and V20 Pro Performance

Vivo V20 and V20 Pro Performance – For processors, the two come with different offerings. The V20 uses a Snapdragon 720G processor chip. Meanwhile, the V20 Pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 765G processor. Through it, it gives a slight advantage over the pro version which supports 5G network built -in. Next, the series comes with only one memory variation – namely 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

There is an advantage to the Vivo V20 model – where it comes with support for up to three card slots (nano SIM + nano SIM + microSD). At the same time, it makes it very practical for users who have two SIM cards. In contrast to the pro version which only comes with support for dual-sim nano without a microSD card slot.

In terms of capabilities, it can be said that this device is able to perform all normal daily tasks without any problems. Scrolling on the screen can be done well. Next, the process of opening and changing applications also provides a satisfying experience. Then, the apps we download can also work fine, besides being opened at an instant rate.

FPS Experience

Another thing you need to know too, the first-person play experience on both devices feels satisfying. For example the Asphalt 9 game can be played smoothly and finger touches are seen to be well detected. Next, the first COD can be played with several different settings. This first can be played on the highest Very High graphics with the highest Max frame rate. However, the Max frame rate is only accessible when you play on High graphics. If you play it on Very High graphics, the frame rate will automatically be limited to Very High only.

The story is different from the first PUBG. On the V20, this debut can be played on the highest HD graphics with the highest High frame rate. On the V20 Pro, meanwhile, it can be played at the highest HDR graphics with the highest Ultra frame rate. We also had a chance to run some benchmark tests and the results are as below:

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The Android 10 operating system with FunTouchOS 11 launcher is used on the Vivo V20. In contrast to the pro version which comes with Android 11 support. In short, the interface seems to have been improved and easier to use. It looks like it’s closer to stock Android.

The icons have also been redesigned and the notification panel is also easier to access. There are some interesting functions available such as Dark Mode, Focus Mode, Ultra-Game Mode and many more. Also visible, there is an e-Sport Mode for the first experience with multiple game performance-through it, any notification interruptions will be minimized, besides the display will be more optimal.