The Mi 11 Lite Is the Thinnest Device

The Mi 11 Lite is the thinnest device we’ve ever reviewed since the Oppo R5. Often when a device becomes too thin it is uncomfortable to use. But the sides of the Mi 11 Lite are rounded and holding it is extremely comfortable even for long periods of time. What’s awkward is that it’s also among the lightest devices we’ve ever used. Sometimes it feels like using a demo device that can be found in the store. Fortunately, the silicone frame is provided by Xiaomi because when worn only the awkwardness due to it being too light can be resolved.

There are no audio jacks on the Mi 11 Lite; but a pair of stereo speakers somewhat alleviates any frustration there is. Infrared and NFC transmitters are also included making it an almost complete device even in the middle class. Complementing the specifications is 5GHz WiFi support, bluetooth 5.1, various satellite navigation systems and VoLTE.

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Usage And Software

It’s no secret we’re not the number one fan of MIUI as it has a reputation of putting a lot of fat apps and ads in the app as one of the efforts to reduce the selling price of the device. On the Mi 11 Lite, MIUI 12.0.7 is used and it is based on Android 11. The interface design is very neat; and almost no longer uses the slope color element that is synonymous with MIU before.