The Audio of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

The Audio of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

The audio of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite are simply satisfactory. Although stereo speakers are included, the audio cast feels flat and cluttered at high volume. Bass and treble are at a moderate level and actually not that exciting. This lackluster audio is because the Dolby audio system is not supported. This shortcoming is forgivable as the audio quality device is much better; when using external audio accessories than on the included physical speakers.


The 4250 mAh Mi 11 Lite battery can last almost 24 hours and the SOT up to 8 hours in moderate use. For a device with a small battery size (other devices in its class come with a 5000 mAh battery) and a 90Hz screen, the battery performance of the Mi 11 Lite is satisfactory. With the 33W charger provided by Xiaomi with every purchase, the battery recharged in less than 1 hour.

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Just as the Mi 11 Lite is the flagship device of choice for those who don’t want to spend more, the Mi 11 Lite is a mid -range device of choice as well for those who don’t want to spend more. Two Xiaomi -made devices are offered in Malaysia at pandemic; friendly prices but still provide good value for every dollar spent by buyers.

The comfortable design, good 90Hz screen, unobtrusive processor, satisfactory camera; and battery that can last all day make the Mi 11 Lite a device that is “light” in name but “heavy” in value on offer.

Xiaomi’s reputation of always offering devices at affordable prices remained this year making other manufacturers need to change their marketing strategies. If the alternative you are looking for a device we feel is better is the Samsung Galaxy A52 (RM1499); which comes with a larger battery, waterproof capabilities, greater storage, longer software support and audio jacks.

But if all this is not important to you Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite; which sold at a price of RM1199 we easily recommend it to those; who are looking for a smartphone with the best value on the market.