Oppo A15 Review Conclusion

Oppo A15 Review Conclusion

Oppo A15 Review Conclusion – In conclusion, the Oppo A15 comes with specifications that are suitable for daily use. But, not for frequent use of the device. Who do you think should buy? First, if you have children or siblings, this device can be used as a facility for their learning process. Coupled with the current situation, learning sessions from home have been transformed into key learning techniques. So, owning a smart device can be said to be a necessity. Next, the Oppo A15 is also suitable as a gift for the elderly. Usually, such groups focus more on the use of social media only. Or, buy it for your own use. Especially those looking for a backup device.

The Oppo A15 is supplied with the same battery capacity as the Oppo A31 which is 4,230mAh. We found its performance to be practically satisfactory. Through it, it is seen to record SOT readings of almost 7- 8 hours for use throughout the day. These include use for first play, web browsing, use of maps, taking pictures and more. If you belong to the careful users, the battery on this device is capable of lasting more than a day.

But, what makes this android device seem to lag behind is on the use of connection ports. It is a kind of microUSB. Then, the charging is only 10W. This is a very slow charging for current standards. Due to that, the process to fully charge this device takes more than 2 hours.

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Strong construction, attractive finish
The camera is good at ample lighting
Just good for everyday use, not the first
Satisfactory battery life


Screen resolution is only HD+, Colors on the screen are slightly faded
The device easily traps fingerprints
MicroUSB connection port
Disappointing night shooting mode

Oppo Reno5 Audio Quality and Special Camera

Oppo Reno5 Audio Quality and Special Camera

Oppo Reno5 Audio Quality and Special Camera – Although there is Dolby Atmos support, the Reno5 speakers are only mono. so the experience of listening to music directly from the device is not so much fun. Thankfully, the audio results are pretty good. It is loud, not noisy, has good bass and has a nice sound. It’s a pity Oppo doesn’t use stereo speakers, while entry -level devices like the Poco X3 also have stereo speakers.

Paired with a beautiful screen, FHD+ AMOLED as well as HDR on some videos – the audio on this device is just fine. Luckily Oppo still includes a 3.5mm audio jack port which allows users who still rely on a set of wired earphones to enjoy balanced music on the right and left.

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Special Camera

The stabilization mode is in night mode, but a little weak because the device system focuses a lot on “AI” to visualize night video. The stabilization mode is also pretty, no matter the front camera or the rear camera where it allows users to produce a more stable, neat and balanced vlog. The portrait mode on the video is a bit weird, it’s better if the movement is less, otherwise the video will look a little weird.

Video is also an important focus for Oppo android. Many video modes are offered. What is interesting is that video recording can now be done at night. The flagship devices so far do not offer this mode except the Mi 11. Oppo is trying to use the same technology on photography mode, cum this time for video anyway. The nighttime video is pretty good and clear enough for a middle class device.

The swatoto results are also not disappointing with excellent quality, details and colors. There is still a smoothing effect on the face, but it is forgivable. What’s wrong with occasionally taking pictures wanting to feel more beautiful or handsome? Beauty mode if set to level 0, not as bad as before.

Oppo Reno5 Battery and Camera Specs

Oppo Reno5 Battery and Camera Specs

Oppo Reno5 Battery and Camera Specs – Is a battery important for a smartphone? Of course, yes! The Oppo Reno5 uses a 4300mAh capacity battery with a dual-cell design. This is for SuperVOOC 2.0 65W fast charging support which promises 15 minutes of 60% charging and as low as 35 minutes for 100%. If the battery is already weak by around 5%, Oppo claims to still be able to activate WhatsApp for about 1 more hour before it dies completely.

See the screenshot below, just 1 hour more SOT? is this true? For extreme uses like downloads, non -stop hotspots, primers and cameras – the battery life I got was under 4 hours SOT. If trying to reduce usage, such as turning off Bluetooth, not using the camera much or playing first – 6 hours of SOT can be achieved.

But I am aware of a bit of a problem in this Oppo android, where the battery optimization is very weak. If all day working from home around 8 hours for example – this device can last all day if used regularly. If you’re busy typing articles, editing videos and so on – the device runs out of battery faster. The Reno5 battery optimization is not stable enough. I expect it to be able to reach at least 7 hours of SOT.

Myself, I can accept it because of the fast -paced SuperVOOC 2.0. Even a Pixel 4 with an SOT under 3 hours I can accept because of the satisfactory user experience. If the identifier is carried or lost-this Oppo android supports basic 18W USB-PD. So no problem there either.

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Anyway, the Oppo Reno5 camera brings a good camera. The use of software as an important basis is seen to play a role and not just a gimmick. Maybe it’s too early, compared to Google which has been using it since 2016. But it’s good that Oppo started an initiative like this, later recording videos and photos on the device can be even better with a regular lens.

Oppo Reno5 Brief Review

Oppo Reno5 Brief Review

Oppo Reno5 Brief Review – The Oppo Reno was first introduced in 2019, this year is already entering the third year of the Oppo Reno’s age and various innovations, technologies and device variations have been introduced. In 2021, Oppo Malaysia brings the Oppo Reno5 series to the local market with specifications more or less the same as the variation in China. Unlike the Oppo Reno4 where models sold in Malaysia use a chip that has lower power than the Chinese model.

We’ve been using the Oppo Reno5 for a few weeks. Oppo is once again focusing on camera capabilities. Only this time the greatness of the software -based camera is more emphasized such as video recording capability with night mode, Color OS 11 which is smarter and closer to the original Android and of course focuses on design. Is this your dream device for 2021? Can a software -powered camera be able to turn the Oppo Reno5 into a camera device? This is our review.

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The Uniqueness

Among the uniqueness with this Oppo Reno5 is, it uses an electrochromic back panel – where the color of the back panel can change. But that’s limited to the Pro+ variation only. Even so, the use of this all -new slope color also brings a very beautiful, attractive color and uses a matte finish that is pleasant to the touch. Although it feels like slippery, but it still gives a good grip.

The camera module uses a rectangular design with curved corners. Each lens is also quite large as the lens from the iPhone 12, but arranged lengthwise. On the right side there is a power button that can also be set as a Google Assistant call button and on the left series there is a volume button. Below are the speaker lattice, audio jack port, and USB-C port.

This Oppo android feels very comfortable in the hand. It’s thin, light and fun to rub on the back panel. Flat screen design with 2.5D curved finish, perforated screen – everything is pretty and neat. This design will also likely be used on one of the OnePlus 9 models. A bit disappointing on this device is, it still has a thick chin.

Oppo Reno5 Pro Camera Quality

Oppo Reno5 Pro Camera Quality

Oppo Reno5 Pro Camera Quality – The Oppo Reno5 Pro uses a main quad-camera system with a 64-Megapixel configuration for the main sensor. Next, followed by 8-Megapixel for Ultra-Wide as well as two more 2-Megapixel lenses for macro and mono sensors. Then, selfies can be take through the 32-Megapixel front camera. The camera interface is also easy to understand and there is absolutely no problem to access every available camera mode.

The Oppo Reno5 Pro has the ability to record video with the highest settings up to 4K (30fps). Not only that, but there are various key functions build into the camera that can be find- aim at improving the performance.

Night Filming

Touching on performance, the camera is able to provide good image results. Each resulting shot looks good with detail detail on the subject satisfactorily and bright colors. Plus when the AI ​​Scene Enchancement function is activate, the shots look brighter and prettier – with more prominent colors.

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Ultra-Wide Photos

Next, the wide-angle results are also not disappointing. It is seen to be able to provide good detail – although the effect of taste distortion may already be common. Finally, the results for macro lenses are however unsatisfactory. The resulting image is seen to lack good detail detail. It is, however, already to be expect for picture results from a 2-Megapixel sensor.

Ultra Night Selfie Mode, Ultra Dark Mode & Night Flare Portrait

These three functions are suitable for night shooting results. It will make the picture brighter even when taken in dim conditions. Then, Night Flare Portrait is able to make the subject in the picture stand out with the bokeh effect on the back.

So, it can be said that this Oppo android is adequate for daily tasks as well as the first. But, what is the main problem here is – the issue of easy heat on the back panel. Even more frustrating, this hot issue often makes it uncomfortable to hold the device when it happens. Arguably around 10 – 15 minutes of game hot problems on the device can already be feel.

Oppo Find X3 Pro Picture Quality

Oppo Find X3 Pro Picture Quality

Oppo Find X3 Pro Picture Quality. The photo pan is very good with the production of more natural colors with the object taken always sharp without noticeable noise. The camera app works fast with no time lag even if the sensor used is large in size. Maybe someone said “What’s the big deal?”. It’s a big issue because there are still landmark android manufacturers out there that use large sensors but camera apps work as slow as a tortoise. Speaking of speed, the Find X3 Pro’s focusing system is also pretty fast in a variety of tested situations. An example of a picture taken is as below. For the curious, all standard modes such as panorama, macro, night and portrait are included in the app.

You can see for yourself the images taken using the ultra wide angle, wide angle, 2X and 5X settings. The zoom performance is satisfactory up to 5X the hybrid. The image is still sharp with accurate color production. The only drawback is that at 5X zoom, the viewfinder starts to sway. At the 20X zoom setting the quality of the resulting picture is completely unsuitable for use due to breakage. In addition, the image in the viewfinder makes the process of taking a picture impossible. With its good camera performance, we didn’t miss the loss of the zoom system can go any further. The Find X3 Pro camera package is almost perfect this year.

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Stereo speakers use a configuration of one shoot forward and one shoot to the side. This is not an ideal configuration and as a result the audio produced feels unbalanced. The audio from below is clearly louder than the speakers from the top. At the highest settings even the resulting audio is still loud and clear. A Dolby Atmos system is included on the X3 Pro but it cannot be activated when using these stereo speakers. This is a mystery that has been lingering for so long. Why is it not activated when it can only be used on Apple and Samsung devices. Could it be that additional licensing and testing could increase costs?

The audio performance of the X3 Pro’s physical speakers is satisfactory but not stunning. But with matching accessories, the audio experience with headphones and earphones is much better. The good audio performance is not surprising as Oppo was originally a company that produced high quality audio equipment and the company’s pedigree can still be heard on the smartphones produced.

Oppo Find X3 Pro Biometry System

Oppo Find X3 Pro Biometry System

We would like to commend the speed of the included Oppo Find X3 Pro biometry system. The fingerprint scanners used may still be from the optical family but are extremely fast. As fast as the S21 Ultra which uses an ultrasonic scanner. The device can be locked without a finger being pressed hard on the scanner sensor. For those who use face scan (why use it in this masked world) it is faster than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Just pick up the device and the screen stays locked. The only drawback is if the face unlock is done in the dark because the X3 Pro does not have the iPhone and Huawei Mate infrared transmitter.

After a week with the X3 Pro what we can say is that not only is Oppo’s design capabilities now mature but more importantly on the software side they are also able to provide an experience that is as good as other top android manufacturers. So it’s no surprise why Oppo dominated the Southeast Asian market and overtook Huawei as the number one device maker for the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2021.

What we’re hoping for is support for older Android updates from Oppo. Currently it is only given two years after the device was launched. They are behind Google, Samsung, Nokia and OnePlus in providing Android version update support for up to three years. Since Oppo and OnePlus are the other siblings of Pete Lau’s mother, it is hoped that this 3 -year support will also be given by Oppo in the near future.

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Bench mark

In the Geekbench 5 test; the Find X3 Pro with Snapdragon 888 recorded 933/3306 marks compared to the Apple A14 Bionic; which recorded 1598/3971 marks and Exynos 2100; which recorded 1066/3345 marks. In the Antutu 3D test, it recorded 630,020 marks; compared to 667,807 marks (Apple A14 Bionic) and 631,702 mark marks (Exynos 2100).

Oppo Find X3 Pro Screen Is the Best

Oppo Find X3 Pro Screen Is the Best

Oppo Find X3 Pro screen is the best this year. Even under the scorching sunlight, it was still clearly visible. The HDR content viewed is very bright and there are no time lag issues. Scrolling on the Find X3 Pro feels very smooth like an oil man trying to escape from a mob of raging villagers.

If want to find the defect it is located on the hole of the selfie camera and still use the built -in fingerprint scanner under the screen of the optical type. This is hard to forgive as the Find X3 Pro is marketed as a premium flagship android and if the affordable Mi 11 can use an ultrasonic scanner what is Oppo’s reason this time around?

Next we go to the Snapdragon 888 processor which is matched with 12GB of memory and 256GB of storage on the model we reviewed. There is no micro SD card support as it has been done by Oppo over the past few years. The specifications of the device are extremely high and can meet 99% of the needs of Android users now. There are no negative comments we can write about it.

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The Unique Camera

Next up is a very unique main quad-camera system. The wide -angle lens is matched with a 50MP Sony IMX 776 sensor; the ultra -wide -angle lens is also matched with a 50MP Sony IMX 776 sensor; the telephoto lens is matched with a 13MP sensor and finally a micro lens with a 3MP sensor. By using the same sensor size on wide -angle and ultra -wide -angle lenses; Oppo wants to solve the issue of different colors when photos are taken using these two lenses.

Oppo dares to go against the flow because it only offers hybrid zoom up to 5X and digital zoom up to 20X only. It is indeed much lower when compared to Samsung and Huawei’s flagship devices. The good or bad of this strategy we will discuss in the camera segment below later; along with its unique microscope features. On the front, a 32Mp sensor is used on the selfie camera.

Oppo Find X3 Pro Brief Review

Oppo Find X3 Pro Brief Review

Oppo Find X3 Pro Brief Review. Many gimmicks are used to sell devices in the market now. Some can take 8K video, HDR screen and support stylus as a remote control are among those ever offered in the Malaysian market. So producers are racing to find the next gimmick that can grab people’s attention.

The Oppo Find X3 Pro is the latest flagship device that has just been launched. On paper the Snapdragon 888 processor and very pretty body design are enough to impress but we feel the camera system as if its microscope will probably be the talk of the town. This is our complete review for the current Oppo Find X3 Pro.

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Specifications And Designs

The 6.7 ″ screen from the AMOLED family was used this year with high -resolution WQHD+ support and an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz. This puts it on par with the screen used on the Galaxy S21 which was praised in previous reviews. Like the screen of the Samsung device, the Find X3 Pro screen changes dynamically between 5-120Hz according to the needs of the application. This reduces battery usage which has long been a flagship android issue.

Oppo supporting refresh rates at the highest settings is nothing new. Even last year the Find X2 Pro was the first device we review that supported it; while Samsung failed to provide the same features. This screen is capable of displaying up to 1 billion colors; that on paper should avoid the color-banding issues that poisoned previous generation OLED screens. One unique feature we didn’t find on other devices is that; it’s the Color Vision Test feature that ensures the colors on the screen look accurate even if the user has color blindness problems. This is a big issue actually considering 1/12 of men; and 1/200 of women of the world have color blindness problems.

Firstly the greatness of the screen is slightly scratched as it remains with a double-curve on the sides. We admit the curved screen does make the device look more stylish; and sexy but in reality it is less practical. Video spills out in full screen mode and the camera app’s viewfinder doesn’t display the actual frame. Lastly Curved screens are not a feature we want to continue.