Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Usage And Software

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Usage And Software – Many may want to hear us say the device feels smoother and faster because of the Snapdragon 865. But the fact is this is not the case and the user experience is the same as the S20 Ultra 5G and Note20 Ultra equipped with Exynos 990. Even the user experience is no different with the Z Fold2 using Snapdragon 865+. That’s why we say if the two Exynos 990 and Snapdragon 865 devices are placed side by side, it’s impossible to see the difference.

Android 10 operating system with One UI 2.5 is used. This is the latest version of the launcher from Samsung with a variety of exciting features such as wireless DeX, deeper Your Phone support, Nearby Share and more comprehensive integration with various Microsoft services

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Samsung no longer makes feature differences between their devices over the past two years. If device A receives One UI 2.5, devices B; and C with One UI 2.5 will receive all the same functionality. In addition, starting this year; all flagship devices including the S20 FE will be given operating system support for up to three years.

Granted we were a little disappointed the S20 FE is still using Android 10 but there is relief as the update will be given up to Android 13. For those who don’t want to frequently replace the device; Samsung is a handful of manufacturers that provide Android operating system update support for three years.

We personally felt the finger scanning system used was quite fast. If you don’t trust finger scanning, Samsung has a built -in face scanning system.

The device feels smooth when using the 120Hz screen mode. Scrolling can be done without snoring like a car lacks oxygen. Touch can also be detected well. We just don’t like the screen protectors provided by Samsung. It didn’t look neat and was already scratched even though we had just used it for a day.