Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Brief Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Brief Review – The wait of more than eight months for Samsung to market a smartphone with Snapdragon 865 in Malaysia has finally ended with the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. Samsung’s decision to offer the flagship S20 and Note20 devices that only use the Exynos 990 has provoked a negative reaction from their fans in Malaysia.

Is this wait worth it? Our short answer is yes if you are indeed a hardcore Samsung fan. For a longer and more comprehensive answer this review will provide any enlightenment you may wish for.

In terms of size the S20 FE is a model located between the S20 and S20+. The 6.5 ″ screen only supports up to FHD+ resolution with a pixel density of 407 ppi and a refresh rate of 120Hz. As the most affordable S20 series model offered in Malaysia, Samsung feels that FHD+ resolution alone is sufficient. Yes the S20 which was previously the most basic model supports QHD+resolution.

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But we couldn’t even see a significant visual difference between the S20 FE and S20 Ultra 5G screens we use as Android phones of daily use. This similarity is because both the S20 FE and S20 Ultra 5G use the 120Hz screen technology without the adaptive system introduced on the Note20 series.

The physical difference lies in the thicker bezel on the S20 FE. The top and bottom bezels are thicker than the sides. This is in contrast to the S20 Ultra 5G which has a thin bezel that is evenly spaced on all four sides of the screen.

With the Super AMOLED panel, accurate color, opaque black and maximum brightness can be enjoyed especially the HDR10+ content which is now beginning to be offered on various services. Large pixels are only visible if we place the eye an inch from the surface of the screen. But who does this every day? The use of FHD+ screens alone in our opinion is not a big issue.