Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Interface And Usage Experience

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Interface And Usage Experience – The biggest change of the Note20 Ultra is actually more visible in the software that not only adds new features but also improves on existing features. We rarely talk about software because it is an aspect that is typically the same on all Android devices. Through the Android -based One UI 2.5 10 additional features were introduced making the Note20 Ultra have some secret weapons to defeat enemies.

First and foremost is the support for launching Android applications on Windows 10 computers via the Your Phone application. This is another “killing feature” that until now has not been announced to be given to other manufacturers ’devices.


The collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft integrates the world’s number one smartphone operating system with the world’s computer operating system more perfectly. You can make phone calls, answer messages and copy paste across platforms directly from Your Phone. We feel this has happened since Bill Gates reportedly used a Samsung and Microsoft launched the Surface Duo which uses Android this year.

For people who do not want to pick up the phone while working in the office or use the phone without the knowledge of the employer in the office, the support of the Your Phone feature is very much needed. We noticed sometimes the disruption in the office went down abruptly after using Your Phone on the Note20 Ultra.

But the real champion and the most important improvement in our opinion is the three -year support of the operating system by Samsung. This longer support commitment is important as the device is priced at RM5199 apiece. But in fact we hope five years of support can be given as Apple did.

What about the user experience of the device? Because it’s a landmark device, there are no problems we can report. Scrolling is very smooth especially if the 120Hz screen mode is activate and many applications can be launch simultaneously because the 12GB RAM used ensures the refresh process will not happen.

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S Pen

This year it S-Pen improved further 9ms lower latency time compared to 32ms last year. This puts it on par with the Apple Pencil. Air Actions is further enhance with four new “witch stick” gestures; namely launching a multi -task screen, taking screenshots, returning to the start screen; and performing back actions without touching the screen.

Personally we feel this witch stick support is more of a gimmick that is rarely use. Last year’s feature that allow the camera to be control with the S Pen was far more useful and practical. Samsung may be call upon to offer new features on modern this year even though they aren’t actually need.

The difference of drawing on the screen with the new S Pen; we can feel for ourselves in the various drawing applications used. We are not artists but the most frequently used feature of the S Pen is signing various digital documents. This process feels more natural on the Note20 Ultra than on the Note10.