Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Audio and Battery Capability

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Audio and Battery Capability – A stereo audio system is used with one facing forward while the other is facing sideways. You must have guessed with this configuration the audio performance is less balanced with the louder bottom speakers.

Audio performance only shows improvement when the Dolby Atmos system is activated. Flat, gloomy audio sounds more dynamic. It’s not the best audio system on a smartphone we’ve ever heard of but it’s not the best either. Just being in the middle like a spirit is not accepted by the earth.

Audio quality when using audio accessories only we can categorize as indecent. But this really depends on the accessories worn as well. The earphones provided (with USB-C connection) are satisfactory; as well if the headphones with LDAC are tether. The conclusion here is that the physical audio system is simple, the audio system using accessories is satisfactory. If the Note20 Ultra is a football team it is Arsenal.

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Battery life is highly dependent on how you use the Note20 Ultra. SOT 10 hours with a usage life of around 16 hours we enjoy while at home with WiFi. SOT 5 hours and a usage life of around 11 hours occurs when we work outside relying entirely on the cellular network. This is only modest battery performance by 2020 standards.

The android device only supports 25W charging unlike the S20 Ultra which supports up to 45W. The detector time taken is around 80 minutes which is slow according to the standards of the current landmark device.

On the market now there are several devices like the Black Shark 3S with a 65W charger that is capable of fully charging the device in 50 minutes. Samsung will reportedly support 65W charging next year.

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