Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Brief Review

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G Brief Review – The Samsung Galaxy Note is the second annual flagship device series from Samsung. Earlier this year they will launch a flagship device in the Galaxy Sm series which is a balanced device in terms of performance, camera and battery. But the Galaxy Note is a productivity-focused device, thanks to the S-Pen stylus. However, if you’ve noticed since the Galaxy Note 9 – Samsung started focusing first through this Galaxy Note series.

The same goes for the recently launched Galaxy Note20. Samsung is partnering with Micrsosoft to include xCloud support. Galaxy Note20 also has two variations in Malaysia, namely 4G and 5G, which will make many users question which one is better to buy? While Malaysia still does not have a 5G network for general use. This is our review article about Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G, if you want to own this device – please read first.

This Galaxy Note20 5G we say is far left with its brother is because of the size and specifications that do not seem to fit. The size is too big and the construction is too “cheap”. Features and functions are not enough properties, because compared to the Ultra – a lot of sacrifices are made.

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Underneath this device the S-Pen has been moved to the right side which makes use seem awkward. Then there are audio jack ports, microphone holes, and speaker lattice. On top there is only a microphone hole and a SIM card slot.

On the right side there is nothing, because the power button and the volume up button are placed on the left side. The screen design of this Samsung android is kind of flat and also perforated. Interestingly, the use of the bezel is thin only the chin still looks a bit thick. Speaking of screens, the screen quality is a bit surprising – great. Beautiful colors, good brightness, fairly dark blacks as well as eye -satisfying HDR values. The experience of using this screen is like most other Samsung devices that use AMOLED panels. Just, the disappointing thing is – it’s limited to FHD+ and 60Hz only.