Redmi Note 10 Brightness Problem

Redmi Note 10 Brightness problem, the regular version is a bit dimmer than the Pro. But it’s not bad and it’s not that hard to try to use the screen in the scorching sun. Satisfaction will be more felt with the Pro version as it can display HDR content and has 120Hz refresh rate support.

It is already a trend that middle class devices come with high refresh rate support. The Pro version is unfortunately limited to 60Hz only. Even so, both screens of this device are quite adequate for any task. The Pro version just makes the device feel faster and faster when scrolling. That’s it, it’s just to make a Redmi Note 10 a little more Pro. The refresh rate system is still not very consistent compared to the pinnacle devices.

What’s important is, the Redmi Note 10 series are both despite the different chips it still gives a more or less the same usage experience. The difference is only small which for some people they may not even pay attention to 120Hz or 90Hz.

The performance of the Pro version is of course better, from memory management, multi-tasking, swapping applications and so on. Both of our review units are 6GB of RAM, so it’s easy for us to compare the two. Here it proves that the middle class Redmi devices need a minimum of 6GB RAM memory because the experience of using the last Redmi device with 4GB RAM is quite bad.

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Heating Issues

These devices also have no severe heating issues and are only lukewarm for daily use. The same goes for the use of a camera, even when recording 4K video it’s not that hot right away and can still be held well. The issue was only clearly visible during the first play. The first one tested, or what we run to torture this Redmi Note 10 series is the Genshin Impact.

Both devices are recommended to play on medium settings only. Too bad 60FPS is hard to achieve for both of these devices. In the first run of about 15 minutes, the device still does not heat up and is just warm. Like using a camera, it’s not crazy hot so it’s hard to hold. Just after a few more minutes, the regular version starts to slow down and get stuck compared to the Pro version which is still smooth. Playing PUBG Mobile also has more or less the same fate. Limited to medium settings only, but the Pro version if set to the High setting it can still run only overheating starts to occur and an unforgivable time delay starts.

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