Realme 8 Pro Night Picture Quality

Realme 8 Pro night picture quality no major improvement can seen. It is still at a satisfactory level of vulnerable settings with noise effects. The camera also includes a dedicated night mode along with it. But, it will take some time to process the picture. For ultra-wide images and portraits, the production of all images looks satisfactory but also depends on the surrounding situation.

The result of this android portrait photograph can distinguish the subject from the background well. But, there are still some parts that still need to improved. As for the macro image results, there is nothing special. The results are not clear even when taken at close range. Finally, the 16-Megapixel front camera, the picture results look satisfactory and as usual here there is still a built-in beauty function.

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Dynamic Bokeh

Video recording on the Realme 8 Pro is also good. For settings, it is capable of recording up to the highest settings of 4K with a resolution of 30fps. Special stabilization modes can also found along with it for more stable video production. Not only that, a number of special effects modes or filters for more interesting video recording purposes can also found on it-such as Dual-View Video Mode, AI Color Portrait, Ultra Nightscape Video, Tilt Shift Mode and so on.