Realme 8 Pro Back Panel

Realme 8 Pro Back Panel. Compliments can still be given with a finish like this. His appearance here may not be the most interesting. But such a finish, it makes the back panel of this smart device not too slippery. Unless you’re the type who often sweats on the hands. The back panel will definitely feel a little slippery when in the grip. Furthermore, such finishes are also not easily trapped or dirty with fingerprints. So, not using a framework along with it is felt to be not a big deal.

However, Realme is still not shy to give away the basic silicone frame for free in the purchase box. Not to be outdone, this kind of finish can also help in providing a good grip. In addition to its thin and light construction, it indirectly makes it easy for me to take it anywhere without any issues. So, the experience of comfort in that grip – I can’t compromise here.

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Subsequent compliments can also be given to the cheerful color combinations included. For example, the shades of blue and liquid blue found on this review unit – indirectly able to further highlight the style of the wearer himself. For those asking about the color code of this device, it is Infinite Blue. I also feel that this kind of color aura is quite suitable – both for men and women.

Criticism is essentially the opposite of praise. So, we need to give a negative comment for the big ‘DARE TO LEAP’ writing on the back panel. I’m sure not everyone will like or can accept a loaded finish like this. As can be seen, the font size used is too large to almost fill half of the back panel. It looks quite loaded. So, for those of you looking for a smart device with a minimalism, simple and uncluttered finish. This smart device will definitely not satisfy your taste. Honestly, I personally don’t like it because it’s a bit annoying when every time I look at this back panel.