Realme 7 Review Conclusion

Realme 7 Review Conclusion – So how? Is it worth it or not for you to invest money to get this phone? Okay, it feels like if you want to experience using a device with MediaTek Helio G95 with a 90Hz screen. Realme 7 might be something you can try. In case you don’t care about high screen issues, but want to use a smart android under Realme 7. You can get Realme 7 Pro. Only the screen here is a little small but uses a Super AMOLED type panel. The battery is also a bit small at 4,500mAh but supports 65W fast charging and uses a 720G Snapdragon processor.

As another alternative, you may also be able to get the Poco X3 NFC with a 120Hz screen, a large 5,160mAh battery and a 732G Snapdragon processor. Or you can also get the Samsung Galaxy M51. The price may be a little high, but it comes with a Super AMOLED panel, a huge 7,000mAh battery and uses a Snapdragon 730G. Be a smart consumer, the choice is in your hands.


Realme 7 comes with a 5,000mAh battery. This is a significant improvement over the Realme 6 which comes with a 4,300mAh battery and the Realme 7 Pro which has 4,500mAh. The battery life here managed to reach the target with a good Screen On-Time (SoT) reading of around 8 hours and 26 minutes. In fact, the battery was still remaining at 27% at that time. However, this resistance will change depending on the use of each. More interestingly, the process for recharging is also short. The reason is, the Realme 7 comes with a fast charging 30W Dart Charge – where the full charging process only takes about an hour.

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Comfortable for all day use, non -slip finish
Good processor in its class
Improvements on the camera side
Offers satisfactory battery life
Short recharging process


Audio quality is unsatisfactory