Poco X3 Processing Quality

Poco X3 Processing Quality – Surprisingly for such an affordable device, it includes stereo speaker support. One on the bottom and another on the earpiece side. For a device in this class, we are very grateful Poco includes this speaker support. Not only does the device still retain a 3.5mm audio jack port, the use of stereo speakers will provide a different user experience.

But, that doesn’t mean the audio quality is great. The voice level is not loud enough and loud which is unsatisfactory. Then, the bass is just a little bit and not deep enough, in terms of vocals it’s clear the system is trying to optimize for good vocals – but listening to the music is less pleasant. Lastly, hi as if nothing makes some music uninteresting to listen to on this device. Most disappointingly, the speakers had a slight hissing noise.

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The android camera uses a quad-camera setting. The main lens is 64MP combined with a 13MP ultra -wide -angle lens with a 119 -degree viewing angle, as well as two 2MP lenses – one macro and one depth sensor. This is a great camera sensor for a middle class device.

The result of the picture obtained, you can not have high expectations. This is because it is a middle class device and there will be sacrifices to be made. But, the results are not disappointing and satisfactory for a device in this class. We are also quite excited about the camera capabilities of this device. It’s just that it has the same problem as the Google Pixel 4a, which is a long post-process time. Every picture that has been taken, as soon as you want to continue to see the results in the gallery – it still loads and the final result is only displayed after a few seconds.


The color produced varies according to the lens. Sometimes it’s a little faded, sometimes it’s bluish. Although the color is inconsistent, it still has interesting results. The details are not well preserved, the focus is also just ordinary. Portrait mode is quite neat, it is able to isolate the subject with the background very well.

The human face looks a little soft as if makeup is being used. This is because the MIUI camera app always seems to have a beauty mode that cannot be turned off. Night mode has a bit of a focus problem, but the color results are satisfactory. Details remain unreserved.

Selfie cameras are the worst. It is too soft and unnatural. As well as sometimes blurred and unable to provide vivid colors. The macro mode is quite good, but there is still visible noise and not optimized well enough. The overall quality however is quite good.