OnePlus Nord N10 5G Officialy Launched

In November last year, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G officialy launched as a mid -range device for the international market except Malaysia. With this market being very competitive in Malaysia, many would have thought it would not be launched in our country. But without being called out, all of a sudden it went on sale making many wonder is this affordable version of the OnePlus still retaining the Never Settle pedigree? Through this quick review we try to answer all the questions that may be hidden in the hearts of all readers.

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Specifications And Designs

With a 6.49 ″ LCD screen, the Nord N10’s screen is among the most disappointing aspects. Over the past year, the use of OLED screens has begun to become commonplace in the middle -class device segment. The color display is less pronounced with limited viewing angles. Under the hot sun, the screen becomes difficult to read. It is this shortcoming that has led to OLED screens starting to be the technology of choice with LCDs only being used on budget class devices. As an OLED screen user, the performance of the Nord N10 screen is not only satisfactory without the wow factor.

Only the supported 90Hz refresh rate reduces OnePlus embarrassment. Scrolling feels very smooth and fast even though the device is only equipped with a Snapdragon 690 processor. This refresh rate is not of the adaptive type and sometimes it does not work at a consistent frame rate. Not a lot of Chrome tabs and we can see the device choking when doing a quick scroll. The 90Hz capability on the Nord N10 is not comparable to its big brother OnePlus 8T and 8 Pro.

The screen bezel is thin except at the bottom which is quite noticeable. This makes the device look unbalanced but on a middle class android this is forgivable as it is aesthetically standard. The screen is flat which makes no issue of images spilling out to the side when watching videos. There is a small screen hole but it doesn’t overly detract from the view. OnePlus provides a feature of adding a top bezel in case you don’t like the camera hole appearing when watching videos in full screen.