OnePlus Nord N10 5G Nightscape Quality

OnePlus Nord N10 5G Nightscape Quality, night mode is also less consistent. Sometimes the resulting image is bright and sharp. Then when taken again the focus runs away as well as showing significant noise issues. Focusing at night is also not so appropriate. Often times it focuses on the background object so that the object to be captured appears blurred.

Macro mode is just an additional feature that is actually better not included. Because of the small size of the 2MP sensor, noise problems, sharp objects and dark -looking pictures appear frequently. In our opinion the implementation of macro mode on the Nord N10 is like dropping the shell on the stairs.

The audio is satisfactory as the included stereo speakers are loud. Because of the configuration of one side -facing and one front -facing, the audio produced is less balanced with the louder bottom speakers. At the highest settings, audio is still acceptable without the issue of it sounding broken. The addition to the bluetooth accessory is good especially if it supports the LDAC codec The result is better audio from a given physical speaker. OnePlus also provides a 3.5mm audio jack. Therefore bonus points are awarded on the Nord N10’s audio capabilities.


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Battery Quality

In normal home use, an SOT life of up to 10-11 hours can be achieved with the device operating up to 23 hours. We didn’t have time to testing android with LTE completely because the pandemic made us rarely be outdoors. But based on personal, a 10 hour SOT with WiFi is the equivalent of 6-7 hours using LTE.

This life is achieved by taking pictures, using social media apps, watching YouTube and surfing the web. We didn’t even try a long first session because we didn’t play the first on the phone very often. The Nord N10’s 4300 mAh battery performance is good for devices with a 90Hz LCD screen. Even if the battery runs out it can be recharged in about 50 minutes using the 30W charger included with each purchase.