OnePlus Nord N10 5G Fast Fingerprint Scanners

OnePlus Nord N10 5G Fast Fingerprint Scanners. It is also faster than the optical and ultrasonic systems we have used. With the pandemic era still not over, fingerprint scanners are the most suitable biometric system because scanning faces is now very difficult due to the wearing of face masks.

The classic feature of a 3.5mm audio jack is also retained on the bottom of the device. For those who hate the time lag when using TWS, these included audio jacks are much appreciated. Stereo speakers are also provided but with a configuration of one shooting to the side and another shooting to the front.

Complementing the specifications is 5GHz WiFi support, bluetooth 5.1, various satellite navigation systems, VoLTE and NFC. Perhaps many are aware that the Nord N10 does not have any waterproof and dustproof standards. But typically OnePlus puts a splash -proof coating on the internal components of the device just not undergoing official standard testing to reduce the selling price.

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Usage And Software

Android 10 is compatible with the Oxygen OS 10.5.11 launcher. Yes dear readers, the Nord N10 is still using the Android 10 operating system. Maybe this is OnePlus’s move to keep the number 10 theme on this entire device. It has to be said this is disappointing as we are now in March 2021 and this operating system is almost two years old. Samsung, which was previously hated for using the old operating system, is no longer continuing this bad habit.

The positive thing we can write about the user experience is that Oxygen OS 10 is still among the smoothest with a variety of interesting additional features. It’s all done with an interface that almost looks like a native Android. Here the identity of OnePlus can still be clearly seen. In 90% of situations the device works fast and feels very smooth because of the 90Hz screen used. We only notice choke scrolling if too many apps are launch simultaneously. Maybe this is because the RAM is only 6GB.

Another worrying thing is that the Nord N10 will only receive operating system support for one year only. When it receives Android 11 later, it will be the final version. When the review was write OnePlus has yet to say when the Nord N10 will receive Android 11. This decision we feel is unwise for a company that uses the slogan don’t set. This year Samsung has already started providing operating system support for up to three generations on their midrange android. So the one -year promise for a device that uses the operating system for almost two years is unforgivable at all.