OnePlus 8T Usage Experience

OnePlus 8T Usage Experience – OnePlus this time focuses on software. Especially with Oxygen OS 11 based on Android 11. OnePlus once again we mentioned, there is no identity of its own that gives a feeling of “WOW” when using their device. Oxygen OS is no longer what many people know before. It has run away from the original Android elements. Instead it looks like a cliché interface of a device from China but with a native Android theme.

The functions and features of the Oxygen OS remain. Loyal OnePlus users will easily use this new Oxygen OS. Only for those who are really interested in the original Android, unfortunately OnePlus is no longer the brand. We tried using the Vivo V20 and Vivo X50, imagine a device with Funtouch OS has more in common with native Android.

Even so, OnePlus is working hard to make their Oxygen OS look like a native Android. Examples are using the phone call app, Google messaging and even Google Discover on the launcher. Then offer a quick update. We only had a moment of fun while using this device and felt bored after almost reaching a week.

Even so, it’s still a good device. It maintains excellent screen usage. Premium quality and comparable to more expensive flagship devices. 120Hz screen, ensures smoother and faster scrolling. Animated transitions look faster and more comfortable. While not the adaptable type, it still provides a positive experience. Typically, the adaptability is to save battery and will switch from low refresh rate to high.

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Screen Quality

The quality of the screen is also beautiful, it is quite bright and gives bright and beautiful yet sharp colors. Watching videos on Netflix, YouTube with FHD HDR 60FPS quality is very satisfying. With the use of a flat screen, it’s more fun and the content is uninterrupted.

The usage performance of the device is also as expected. Snapdragon 865 plus 120Hz screen is a match! Playing first feels smooth, no problem playing at high settings, as well as will definitely provide an immersive experience. Using this device for productivity purposes is also no problem. Multi -tasking runs well and is easy to handle. Absolutely no heating problems, time lag or the device becoming out of order. It has the performance that all flagship devices should have.