Huawei nova 8i Specs

Huawei nova 8i Specs – Commenting further on the results, the Huawei nova 8i is only able to take good pictures during the day. It shows good picture results as long as it receives enough lighting. In short, it depends on the lighting conditions of the environment. However, there are times when the quality is at a less than satisfactory level – where the color production is a little less pronounced. However, it is still acceptable for most situations.

Other drawbacks are beginning to appear on photos taken in low lighting. It clearly shows the detail on the image being soft and there is a fairly noticeable noise problem. In addition, the camera is also equipped

i built -in night mode support for better night picture results. But unfortunately, noise problems are still clearly visible for some situations. The capture time was also seen to take about six seconds.

The zoom system can take good pictures up to 8X. Then, the wide-angle mode is seen to give only moderate results because the results also depend on the lighting conditions of the environment. Due to that, the macro lens used is only 2-Megapixel in size. So, not much can be expected from this camera. The resulting image looks shattered and not very clear-in a simple sense, it’s just a mere gimmick.

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The included battery is 4,300mAh. Arguably quite low compared to a number of nearby competitors. On average I was able to get an SOT reading of at least 8-9 hours in moderate use. This is entirely LTE dependent as I don’t have a WiFi connection at home. When the battery runs out, the android device can be recharged using the 66W charger included in the box.

According to Huawei, this device can be charged up to 60% in just 17 minutes and a full charge only takes 38 minutes. Even so, I can’t test it specifically because the charger provided for this review unit is only 40W powered. It looks fast with a recharge time of less than an hour.