Huawei nova 8i Design Shape

Huawei nova 8i Design Shape – At first glance, the design here seems to take inspiration from the Huawei Mate 30 Pro – complete with a round -shaped rear camera module. However, basically the Huawei nova 8i brings something different. It is easy to conclude that they are not the same and not the same. The Huawei nova 8i features a simple finish with a glossy back panel. Coupled with, the ergonomic construction from every curved side angle also gives me comfort while holding the Huawei android.

One must be wondering, what kind of material is used? The answer is, the back panel of this device is built with a plastic -based material. Even so, it still has its own beauty. Concise but interesting. It’s just that the back panel without any texture feels a bit slippery and greasy. Not only that it is also easy to trap stains especially fingerprints when holding it regularly.

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The Hump

One more thing, the camera hump used is also quite large making it difficult to place evenly on the table surface. Therefore, the use of a frame on it is recommended so that the device remains beautiful and not easily scratched. If the budget is running out, don’t worry Huawei also provides a silicone frame that is provided for free in the packaging box.

Commenting on the fingerprint scanner, it works well and the process of unlocking the device is very fast. Where, a finger just needs to touch on the sensor, then the device will be unlocked immediately. But provided you need to make sure the fingers are always clean and not wet. The reason is, it looks unresponsive if your fingers are wet or dirty. This is based on my own experience.

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