Huawei Mate 40 Pro Audio and Battery Capability

Huawei Mate 40 Pro Audio and Battery Capability – The stereo audio system as I said at the beginning of the review is back complete with physical earbuds. The two biggest issues of last year are now over. But the audio quality on the Mate 40 Pro is still not on par with other Android devices that have been reviewed this year. The first issue is that the maximum audio volume is not high enough. At maximum settings though it’s only just 70% that I could enjoy on the Note20 Ultra 5G for example.

The audio quality is also a bit blank as the Huawei Histen’s audio system isn’t quite alive when I compare it to Dolby Audio which is standard on other flagship smart devices. Streaming using LDAC which typically provides a more satisfying audio experience I could not have experienced on the Mate 40 Pro. The audio ecosystem is another thing that Huawei needs to focus on after this as they are now losing access to Dolby.

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Battery life is very good. On normal use, I still have about 25% of the battery before bed; after the device is fully charged at 8am. On average SOT of up to 11 hours can be enjoyed when using WiFi; and up to 9 hours when using LTE fully even with the adaptive 90Hz screen enabled. The android device only needs to be charged once a day.

When the charge runs out, the used 4400 mAh battery can be fully charged in about 40 minutes by wiring. I was unable to test the Huawei 50W wireless charging system as it was not included with the loaned unit.

Yet there is a BUT here. This excellent usage life can be enjoyed because of the EMUI 11 battery management system which I categorize as aggressive. On the default setting, notifications are often not received if the device is left on the table untouched. As soon as the device is picked up, then incoming notifications line up. So better battery life than these other devices is enjoyed because notifications are not sent in real time.