Brief Review for the Samsung Galaxy A72

Allow me to share the brief review for the Samsung Galaxy A72 anyway. It is one of the devices that has caught the attention of many since its introduction around the middle of last month. Among the factors that make it popular is the supply on specifications and functions that are now diversified according to the needs of many. Coupled with its finish that now looks more relaxed – here clearly shows Samsung has also always taken into account the lifestyle of today’s consumers who are always thirsty for something interesting.

Roughly speaking, the offerings on the Samsung Galaxy A72 are actually not much different from the Samsung Galaxy A52. The same exterior design concept is also used on the front and back. Then, the finish and choice of color variations are also still the same. Even so, of course, there are still some changes that make the Samsung Galaxy A72 look different. If not, why is there a difference of around RM400 for the price offer?

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Among the notable changes is on the screen size section. Where, the screen used on the Samsung Galaxy A72 is larger at 6.7-inches. The panel, however, is still a Super AMOLED FHD+ with a 90Hz refresh rate. Another other change lies in the battery capacity. Where, the 4,500mAh battery on the Galaxy A52 is now upgraded to 5,000mAh on the Samsung Galaxy A72. So, what other changes are there on this Samsung Galaxy A72? Keep reading this review article to the end.


As always, we’ll start the android device review with a touch on the design first. Just like the Samsung Galaxy A52, the Samsung Galaxy A72 also no longer uses a back panel with a prism-like design, smooth or shiny. The design on it remains simple, minimalist and brand new.