Samsung Galaxy A72 Size Review

Samsung Galaxy A72 Size Review

Samsung Galaxy A72 Size Review. Although basically the size on the Samsung Galaxy A72 can be said to be quite large for a smart device. But, its good construction makes this smart android device comfortable only to be held or held for a long period of time. For your information, I am one of the users of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. So I had absolutely no problem getting used to a device of this size.

But, it can also be said, you as a consumer or buyer have some good options. The point here is, if you prefer a device with a large screen size – the Samsung Galaxy A72 is among the options I feel are appropriate. If not, you can just choose the Samsung Galaxy A52 which has a 6.5-inch screen size that is more ideal and easy to carry anywhere.

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Speaking of quality, there’s no denying it’s a beautiful screen. All the icons and images displayed look pretty sharp and unbroken. In a simple sense, just comfortable to look at. Still, I started noticing an issue when using it outdoors – for example in the scorching sun.

To be honest, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I found that the screen would continue to dim – even if the brightness setting used was at its maximum. This indirectly makes it difficult for me to see or read what is displayed on the screen.

In comparison, I did not experience this issue when testing the Samsung Galaxy A52 before. The screen is bright only and can be used without any problems. All content displayed can only be read properly on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A52. So, it is clear here that the performance on the Samsung Galaxy A72 is very different from the Samsung Galaxy A52.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Inspired by S21 Series

Samsung Galaxy A72 Inspired by S21 Series

At first glance, Samsung Galaxy A72 inspired by S21 series but not entirely. More interestingly, the entire back panel on the Samsung Galaxy A72 is made of an attractive and beautiful matte finish. Not only that, this kind of finish is also not easy to trap fingerprint dirt and even scratch marks.

Speaking of the important connection port on this Samsung Galaxy A72, it uses a USB-C connection port. Not only that, this smartphone also still retains a 3.5mm audio jack which is felt to be very suitable for users who are not yet ready to switch winds to the use of TWS. Again I say, you don’t have to worry because Samsung gives you what you need.

Moving on to the side design, it’s just the same as the Samsung Galaxy A52. It houses the power button and volume adjuster on the right side. Next, it places space for the SIM at the top. Talking more about it, this space only supports dual-sim slot however it is designed based on hybrid via Nano-SIM (SIM1) + Nano-SIM/microSD (SIM2) slot. It will indirectly make it difficult for some users to take advantage of both SIMs simultaneously when a microSD card is in use.

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The Samsung Galaxy A72 uses a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with Infinity-O design. In addition, it also comes with FHD+ resolution (1080 x 2400 pixels), pixel density of 407 ppi and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Just like the previous generation, the front camera hole is still in the middle. There may be some or most of us who do not like this screen design.

Actually, it’s not as bad as you might think. On the other hand, the holes here are small and such designs are also capable of presenting a higher screen-to-body ratio. Indirectly, this will be able to provide viewing satisfaction when using this android smart device. Coupled with its large screen, more content can be viewed in a single display.

Brief Review for the Samsung Galaxy A72

Brief Review for the Samsung Galaxy A72

Allow me to share the brief review for the Samsung Galaxy A72 anyway. It is one of the devices that has caught the attention of many since its introduction around the middle of last month. Among the factors that make it popular is the supply on specifications and functions that are now diversified according to the needs of many. Coupled with its finish that now looks more relaxed – here clearly shows Samsung has also always taken into account the lifestyle of today’s consumers who are always thirsty for something interesting.

Roughly speaking, the offerings on the Samsung Galaxy A72 are actually not much different from the Samsung Galaxy A52. The same exterior design concept is also used on the front and back. Then, the finish and choice of color variations are also still the same. Even so, of course, there are still some changes that make the Samsung Galaxy A72 look different. If not, why is there a difference of around RM400 for the price offer?

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Among the notable changes is on the screen size section. Where, the screen used on the Samsung Galaxy A72 is larger at 6.7-inches. The panel, however, is still a Super AMOLED FHD+ with a 90Hz refresh rate. Another other change lies in the battery capacity. Where, the 4,500mAh battery on the Galaxy A52 is now upgraded to 5,000mAh on the Samsung Galaxy A72. So, what other changes are there on this Samsung Galaxy A72? Keep reading this review article to the end.


As always, we’ll start the android device review with a touch on the design first. Just like the Samsung Galaxy A52, the Samsung Galaxy A72 also no longer uses a back panel with a prism-like design, smooth or shiny. The design on it remains simple, minimalist and brand new.

Realme Narzo 30a Have Been Changed

Realme Narzo 30a Have Been Changed

There are some features and specifications on the Realme Narzo 30A have been changed right? Here he is. If you remember, the Realme Narzo 20 previously used a tri-camera system with a 48-Megapixel sensor. However, the Realme Narzo 30A is only include with two sensors. Not only that, but the main sensor is smaller through 13-Megapixel support followed by the second sensor is 2-Megapixel for monochrome purposes. Then, selfies can be taken using the 8 Megapixel front sensor.

As for the camera’s performance, it feels like we didn’t set a high benchmark against its production. For shooting at adequate lighting, the quality looks fine and acceptable. The color rendering for most situations looks satisfying with fine detail.

It can still take pictures at low lighting. But, the results are less than satisfactory with significant noise problems. At the same time, the details on the images seen as unsatisfactory. For selfies are still acceptable. It is bright and there is an AI Beauty function by allowing users to control the level of beauty as needed. For video recording, it has the highest recording setting up to 1080P/30fps. It seen as adequate for daily use. But unfortunately, no specific stabilization mode included along with it.

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Finally, the battery. Realme is certainly not shy to provide batteries with large capacity on a number of their output realme android phone. Just like the Realme Narzo 30A itself, it equipped with a 6,000mAh battery that  felt to be enough for daily use of a handful of users today. This is the same battery capacity as on the Realme C12 and Realme C15.

Realme Narzo 30A Is Not Satisfying

Realme Narzo 30A Is Not Satisfying

Realme Narzo 30A is not satisfying. Where, you will notice some apps will start taking longer than usual to open when too many apps are used at one time. The scrolling experience also becomes less smooth and the animation transitions start to evoke a less satisfying feel.

As for gaming performance, it is also capable of playing most of the firsts well at modest graphics settings. Although, sometimes there is a time delay problem that occurs. This can only be overcome by lowering the graphics settings to a lower level. In terms of temperature production, it feels warm when played at around over 15 minutes.

Before forgetting, the software used is still Realme UI based on Android 10. It’s a bit disappointing here because a number of competitors in the same class are already present with the Android 11 offering. Through it too, you will find existing functions on it such as dark mode, navigation features brand new and more. Realme informed, however, it will be updated with Realme UI 2.0 support soon.

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Touching on the camera, you will definitely notice that the camera module here is rectangular with four circles in it, right? Obviously, one of them is LED Flash. The rest will look as if the use of three sensors. But, kindly remind us, don’t be fooled by what you see here. The reason is, it only has two camera sensors. Another is just a decoration with a rounded AI logo.

Realme Narzo 30a Feel Sturdy in the Grip

Realme Narzo 30A Feel Sturdy in the Grip

Realme Narzo 30A feel sturdy in the grip, but feels very heavy as it has a mass of around 208grams. Not only that, the build is also found to be thicker than most smart devices on the market today. This is the same situation I experienced when making reviews for the Realme C12 and Realme C15 before. As usual, this may be due to the use of a large 6000mAh battery on it.

The power and volume buttons are placed on the right side. The construction feels good with a finish made of plastic material. Then, the SIM slot is located on the left side and it supports up to three different card slots. Where, you can use two Nano-Sim cards and one microSD simultaneously without any problem. Next, the Realme Narzo 30A has USB-C connection port support, 3.5mm audio jacks and speakers on the bottom side of the device.

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Moving to the front, the screen used is a kind of small notch for the placement of the front camera. The size here is the same standard as a number of existing Realme android i.e. a 6.5-inch IPS LCD with HD+ resolution (1600 x 720 pixels). Here are a few comments we would like to give. Guess, there’s nothing wrong with Realme trying to give an FHD+ screen here.

Realme Narzo 30A Release

Realme Narzo 30A Release

Realme Narzo 30A Release. Initially, the Realme Narzo series was specifically for the Indian market only. Soon, it began to expand its offerings to several other markets including Malaysia itself. Through it, the models that have been introduced such as Realme Narzo 10, Realme Narzo 10A, Realme Narzo 20, Realme Narzo 20A, Realme Narzo 20 Pro, Realme Narzo 30A and Realme Narzo 30 Pro. Just for your information, we in Malaysia do not accept offers for Realme Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A. However, the offerings on it are actually very similar to the Realme 6i and Realme C3.

Suffice it to say about the lineage of the Realme Narzo series. Going back to the original topic of this article which will focus on Realme Narzo 30A. Try you read on the title of this article and surely you are wondering, why is this android said to be just a cheaper Realme Narzo 20? The answer is simple, read this article to the end and this question will be answered.

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Roughly speaking, what we noticed. This Realme 30A is very similar to the previous Realme Narzo 20. But there are still some parts on the modified smart device. For example, the most notable here is on the finishing part. It is undeniable, there are very significant differences made here. As we recall, the ‘Narzo’ branding on the back panel of the device for previous models was placed on the bottom.