Realme 8 Pro Night Picture Quality

Realme 8 Pro Night Picture Quality

Realme 8 Pro night picture quality no major improvement can seen. It is still at a satisfactory level of vulnerable settings with noise effects. The camera also includes a dedicated night mode along with it. But, it will take some time to process the picture. For ultra-wide images and portraits, the production of all images looks satisfactory but also depends on the surrounding situation.

The result of this android portrait photograph can distinguish the subject from the background well. But, there are still some parts that still need to improved. As for the macro image results, there is nothing special. The results are not clear even when taken at close range. Finally, the 16-Megapixel front camera, the picture results look satisfactory and as usual here there is still a built-in beauty function.

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Dynamic Bokeh

Video recording on the Realme 8 Pro is also good. For settings, it is capable of recording up to the highest settings of 4K with a resolution of 30fps. Special stabilization modes can also found along with it for more stable video production. Not only that, a number of special effects modes or filters for more interesting video recording purposes can also found on it-such as Dual-View Video Mode, AI Color Portrait, Ultra Nightscape Video, Tilt Shift Mode and so on.

Realme 8 Pro Is Pleasing to the Eye

Realme 8 Pro Is Pleasing to the Eye

Realme 8 Pro is pleasing to the eye no matter when using this smart android to watch videos on Youtube or view any image content displayed on the screen. A notable drawback that can be criticized is the absence of high refresh rates. The Realme still stays with the 60Hz screen and it’s a bit disappointing. This is because, it is a new model. So, I was expecting something better than the previous generation. But it turns out not, it’s the same. In fact, if you remember the previous Realme 6 Pro Realme was able to offer a 90Hz screen. Why not for this time? Only Realme knows the answer.

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Speaking of performance, the Realme 8 Pro is a 4G smart android with a 720G Snapdragon chip along with 8GB of RAM memory. We will definitely be among the users who express frustration with this matter. Cuisine not, this is the same chip used since the previous two generations – starting from the Realme 6 Pro, then the Realme 7 Pro. The latest, Realme 8 Pro as well. Again, why? According to Realme itself, the Snapdragon 720G is still one of the best 4G processing chips on the market and their engineers have great experience in optimizing better performance on the device.

Even so, don’t worry because it is still able to carry out daily tasks well. This includes me using it to surf the web, scroll social media and a number of other related activities. But, it’s a lie if I say it’s good, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, the problem of time delay also still occurs for some situations. For example, when I’m navigating the interface.

So, if you can compromise on this modest performance. Guess, no problem to buy it per unit. But, if you are an existing Realme 7 Pro user, it feels like there is no reason for you to upgrade to Realme 8 Pro. Unless, you want to feel the experience of using a large 108-Megapixel sensor camera which I will tell about its quality in the next paragraph.

Realme 8 Pro Back Panel

Realme 8 Pro Back Panel

Realme 8 Pro Back Panel. Compliments can still be given with a finish like this. His appearance here may not be the most interesting. But such a finish, it makes the back panel of this smart device not too slippery. Unless you’re the type who often sweats on the hands. The back panel will definitely feel a little slippery when in the grip. Furthermore, such finishes are also not easily trapped or dirty with fingerprints. So, not using a framework along with it is felt to be not a big deal.

However, Realme is still not shy to give away the basic silicone frame for free in the purchase box. Not to be outdone, this kind of finish can also help in providing a good grip. In addition to its thin and light construction, it indirectly makes it easy for me to take it anywhere without any issues. So, the experience of comfort in that grip – I can’t compromise here.

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Subsequent compliments can also be given to the cheerful color combinations included. For example, the shades of blue and liquid blue found on this review unit – indirectly able to further highlight the style of the wearer himself. For those asking about the color code of this device, it is Infinite Blue. I also feel that this kind of color aura is quite suitable – both for men and women.

Criticism is essentially the opposite of praise. So, we need to give a negative comment for the big ‘DARE TO LEAP’ writing on the back panel. I’m sure not everyone will like or can accept a loaded finish like this. As can be seen, the font size used is too large to almost fill half of the back panel. It looks quite loaded. So, for those of you looking for a smart device with a minimalism, simple and uncluttered finish. This smart device will definitely not satisfy your taste. Honestly, I personally don’t like it because it’s a bit annoying when every time I look at this back panel.

The Audio of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

The Audio of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

The audio of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite are simply satisfactory. Although stereo speakers are included, the audio cast feels flat and cluttered at high volume. Bass and treble are at a moderate level and actually not that exciting. This lackluster audio is because the Dolby audio system is not supported. This shortcoming is forgivable as the audio quality device is much better; when using external audio accessories than on the included physical speakers.


The 4250 mAh Mi 11 Lite battery can last almost 24 hours and the SOT up to 8 hours in moderate use. For a device with a small battery size (other devices in its class come with a 5000 mAh battery) and a 90Hz screen, the battery performance of the Mi 11 Lite is satisfactory. With the 33W charger provided by Xiaomi with every purchase, the battery recharged in less than 1 hour.

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Just as the Mi 11 Lite is the flagship device of choice for those who don’t want to spend more, the Mi 11 Lite is a mid -range device of choice as well for those who don’t want to spend more. Two Xiaomi -made devices are offered in Malaysia at pandemic; friendly prices but still provide good value for every dollar spent by buyers.

The comfortable design, good 90Hz screen, unobtrusive processor, satisfactory camera; and battery that can last all day make the Mi 11 Lite a device that is “light” in name but “heavy” in value on offer.

Xiaomi’s reputation of always offering devices at affordable prices remained this year making other manufacturers need to change their marketing strategies. If the alternative you are looking for a device we feel is better is the Samsung Galaxy A52 (RM1499); which comes with a larger battery, waterproof capabilities, greater storage, longer software support and audio jacks.

But if all this is not important to you Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite; which sold at a price of RM1199 we easily recommend it to those; who are looking for a smartphone with the best value on the market.

Telephones And GPS of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

Telephones And GPS of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

Telephones And GPS of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite. Phone calls can be made clearly and the device has no problem getting a tether to the 4G network through the SIM we use. Clearer call quality can be enjoyed if VoLTE mode is activated but this is highly dependent on the telecommunications company subscribed. One feature that is not supported is phone calls using WiFi (VoWiFI) networks.

GPS performance is also extremely fast with locations being tracked in under two seconds when tested using Waze and Google Maps. It works well even when tested in the heart of Kuala Lumpur during peak times. All major satellite tracking systems such as GPS, BeiDou; and Galileo are supported making it easy to use overseas when air travel reopens.

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In the Geekbench 5 test, Mi 11 Lite recorded 563/1768 marks for single core and multi core; and in the Antutu 3D test it recorded 349,772 marks. What we found interesting was that in the Antutu test, the Snapdragon 690 scored higher; even though it was from the Snapdragon 600 series. As said in the Nord N10 review of the day period, the main core on the Snapdragon 690 (Cortex-A77) is more up-to-date than the one used on Snapdragon 732G (Cortex-A76).

This mid -range chip is still capable of delivering first -class performance at satisfactory medium settings without overheating issues. The application can be launched without any problems and the device feels fast when used. Obviously, the chip, which is already eight months old, is still suitable for use in 2021.

The Mi 11 Lite Is the Thinnest Device

The Mi 11 Lite Is the Thinnest Device

The Mi 11 Lite is the thinnest device we’ve ever reviewed since the Oppo R5. Often when a device becomes too thin it is uncomfortable to use. But the sides of the Mi 11 Lite are rounded and holding it is extremely comfortable even for long periods of time. What’s awkward is that it’s also among the lightest devices we’ve ever used. Sometimes it feels like using a demo device that can be found in the store. Fortunately, the silicone frame is provided by Xiaomi because when worn only the awkwardness due to it being too light can be resolved.

There are no audio jacks on the Mi 11 Lite; but a pair of stereo speakers somewhat alleviates any frustration there is. Infrared and NFC transmitters are also included making it an almost complete device even in the middle class. Complementing the specifications is 5GHz WiFi support, bluetooth 5.1, various satellite navigation systems and VoLTE.

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Usage And Software

It’s no secret we’re not the number one fan of MIUI as it has a reputation of putting a lot of fat apps and ads in the app as one of the efforts to reduce the selling price of the device. On the Mi 11 Lite, MIUI 12.0.7 is used and it is based on Android 11. The interface design is very neat; and almost no longer uses the slope color element that is synonymous with MIU before.

Realme 8 Pro Camera Quality

Realme 8 Pro Camera Quality

Realme 8 Pro Camera Quality. Recording With More Accurate Coloring At Night. In the past, if we wanted to record beautiful scenery at night, the existing function on a smartphone was just a flash to help produce clear recordings even in dark environments. Yet after undergoing various innovations, most smartphones now come with some of their own functions that can help produce better quality night recordings. For realme 8 Pro, various night mode recordings you can use. Among them are:

Super Nightscape-This function has been updated to the fifth generation that combines 3 technologies, namely ISOCELL Plus, Smart ISO and Pixel Binning 9-in-1 to produce clearer, more beautiful and quality night shots.

Starry Mode – This mode is aided by the algorithms available on this smartphone to produce brighter night recordings and less noise effects.

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Easy To Produce A Variety Of Quality Video Works

In addition to picture recording, the video recording quality on this realme 8 Pro can also be said to be satisfactory because it is assisted by several video recording modes that are easy to use. Among the video recording modes available on the realme 8 Pro are:

Starry Time-Lapse Video-this realme 8 Pro is the first smartphone in the world to include this functionality. It supports produce time lapse video recording where the last 15 pictures will taken; and combined to produce time lapse video with a speed of 30fps.

Tilt-shift Time-lapse Video-According to realme; they are also the first brand in the world to come with time-lapse video support on this tilt-shift function. This function allows you to capture a wider scene and give the illusion of a miniature -like perspective. Through it, you can produce time-lapse tilt-shift videos with 10x speed to get a unique composition.

Ultra Nightscape Video – It functions the same as last night’s shooting mode; which aid by AI technology to get clearer and more beautiful night video footage.

Lastly Dual View Video – This function allows you to see yourself through a small window of the selfie camera; while using the rear camera at the same time.

realme 8 Pro Sensors

realme 8 Pro Sensors

In just a few years, we can see that camera innovations on smartphones are now more advanced; in an effort to provide recording capabilities that are getting closer to real cameras. When line with the slogan “Dare to Leap”; realme is one of the smart device manufacturers that have managed to leap their brand aggressively in the latest technology arena. Because of that; they have recently launched the realme 8 Pro where it is a smartphone that focuses on camera capabilities; and is said to be capable of producing better quality footage. realme 8 Pro Sensors.

Supports 108MP Ultra Camera Quad with ISOCELL HM2 Sensor

The android realme 8 Pro smartphone comes with camera quad support that combines a 108MP sensor for main recording, 8MP for ultra wide angle, 2MP for portrait recording and 2MP for macro recording. As for selfie recording, it includes a 16MP sensor. For your information, this realme 8 Pro is the first device by realme that uses a 1/1.52 inch sensor from ISOCELL HM2; which also supports 108MP recording with a resolution of up to 12000 × 9000. Through ISOCELL Plus technology, this sensor can help to reduce the problems we often experience when filming; and at the same time provide precise coloring; because the ISO value on this sensor has been increased up to 15% higher.

It also uses Smart-ISO technology and Pixel Binning 9 in 1 to improve picture quality when taking shots in low lighting situations. The combination of this sensor that comes with an aperture of f/1.88 is very helpful to produce more beautiful pictures in various situations. Various recording modes you can produce.

Among them are:

3x zoom recording – Supports to produce 12MP 3X zoom recording; and the Clarity Enhancement algorithm available on this camera will combine several shots to produce sharper; and more beautiful 3x zoom pictures.

Dynamic Bokeh – Able to highlight the main subject by placing a blur effect on the subject’s background.

AI Color Portrait – Separates the main subject from its background by placing color on the main subject as well as black and white on its background.

Also New Portrait AI – The algorithm on this function will make recognition on your environment to get better quality footage.

Lastly the 16MP Selfie Portrait – Various selfie recording modes that can be done; including portrait mode, AI Beauty, and Super Nightscape.