Vivo X60 Pro Phones and GPS Quality

Vivo X60 Pro Phones and GPS Quality. 5G is a good and fast network. But Malaysia to this day still does not offer the use of 5G to the public, so many think that a 5G modem on a device is a justification for selling at an expensive price. In my opinion it is not. 5G modems still have a function for our country that still uses 4G. In areas where my iPhone 12 Mini only accepts 4G with 1 bar for Maxis and Yes plans, the Vivo X60 Pro with two similar plans can reach 4G+ or VoLTE with full bar or at worst less than one bar only.

This makes data usage easier and faster. It is also much more stable. For phone calls, this device has a bit of a noise problem, but not severe. Only if making a phone call in the long run, this noise will be a little annoying. Although the sound is clear, this noise becomes a nuisance.

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GPS is also no problem on this device. It’s fast enough to lock in locations, and there’s no problem finding intricate directions. The device also does not heat up in a brief use of Google Map.

Such a thin android of course has a small battery. But it’s not that small, as the Vivo X60 Pro packs a 4300mAh battery with 33W fast charging power. Vivo has no other charging system support except wired for this device. Then 33W is also not fast time, this is a system that is commonly seen present on devices under RM1000. Premium devices like this Vivo in my opinion a 50W or 65W system should be offered. Or at least 45W? Small batteries are supposed to have a much faster charging system.

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