Samsung Galaxy A72 Size Review

Samsung Galaxy A72 Size Review. Although basically the size on the Samsung Galaxy A72 can be said to be quite large for a smart device. But, its good construction makes this smart android device comfortable only to be held or held for a long period of time. For your information, I am one of the users of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. So I had absolutely no problem getting used to a device of this size.

But, it can also be said, you as a consumer or buyer have some good options. The point here is, if you prefer a device with a large screen size – the Samsung Galaxy A72 is among the options I feel are appropriate. If not, you can just choose the Samsung Galaxy A52 which has a 6.5-inch screen size that is more ideal and easy to carry anywhere.

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Speaking of quality, there’s no denying it’s a beautiful screen. All the icons and images displayed look pretty sharp and unbroken. In a simple sense, just comfortable to look at. Still, I started noticing an issue when using it outdoors – for example in the scorching sun.

To be honest, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I found that the screen would continue to dim – even if the brightness setting used was at its maximum. This indirectly makes it difficult for me to see or read what is displayed on the screen.

In comparison, I did not experience this issue when testing the Samsung Galaxy A52 before. The screen is bright only and can be used without any problems. All content displayed can only be read properly on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A52. So, it is clear here that the performance on the Samsung Galaxy A72 is very different from the Samsung Galaxy A52.