Redmi Note 10 Picture Quality

Redmi Note 10 Picture quality the mid -range devices like the Redmi series usually has results that can only be. But with the Redmi Note 10, changes are starting to appear where the photographic capabilities are much better. This makes this device fun to use as a side camera. While the difference of 48MP vs 108MP lenses is far, Megapixel is a non -determinant of picture quality. Both of these devices have beautiful, bright results, good colors and are also quite surprising.

Not many devices sold at prices around RM699-RM1099 have camera capabilities as great as these two devices. Normal mode or automatic mode looks pretty good. Focus is also no problem and fast enough and as far as sharing results on social media-these two devices are already good enough. Macro mode, ultra wide angle mode and digital zoom are all supported. The same goes for the night mode, where all of these modes have good results

Portrait pictures and selfie cameras are also quite good and bright, There are still facial problems that are softened with beauty mode. But it is acceptable. Portrait mode is not very neat, tetaopi for devices in this class – this is what will captivate your heart.

The video sample is for the Redmi Note 10 Pro, where the regular version has only basic video capabilities. The Pro mode is a bit towards an experience like a flagship device or the Mi Note 10 Lite, but the colors are still not that pretty. It’s just that it’s one of the best in this class.

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Telephones And GPS

Both of these Xiaomi android also have no problems in making phone calls. It’s clear enough, but in a noisy environment the microphone is a little difficult to capture the audio being delivered. Just overall it’s really good with no problems in terms of noise or intermittent.

Both models are limited to 4G only. The internet network is more or less the same, each receiving 4G and is quite stable. But the Pro is more stable and fast in downloading things. GPS, on the other hand, is no problem, there is a slight time lag to lock the location but only travel around Kuala Lumpur – no problem getting lost or missing tracking.