Realme 8 Pro Is Pleasing to the Eye

Realme 8 Pro is pleasing to the eye no matter when using this smart android to watch videos on Youtube or view any image content displayed on the screen. A notable drawback that can be criticized is the absence of high refresh rates. The Realme still stays with the 60Hz screen and it’s a bit disappointing. This is because, it is a new model. So, I was expecting something better than the previous generation. But it turns out not, it’s the same. In fact, if you remember the previous Realme 6 Pro Realme was able to offer a 90Hz screen. Why not for this time? Only Realme knows the answer.

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Speaking of performance, the Realme 8 Pro is a 4G smart android with a 720G Snapdragon chip along with 8GB of RAM memory. We will definitely be among the users who express frustration with this matter. Cuisine not, this is the same chip used since the previous two generations – starting from the Realme 6 Pro, then the Realme 7 Pro. The latest, Realme 8 Pro as well. Again, why? According to Realme itself, the Snapdragon 720G is still one of the best 4G processing chips on the market and their engineers have great experience in optimizing better performance on the device.

Even so, don’t worry because it is still able to carry out daily tasks well. This includes me using it to surf the web, scroll social media and a number of other related activities. But, it’s a lie if I say it’s good, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, the problem of time delay also still occurs for some situations. For example, when I’m navigating the interface.

So, if you can compromise on this modest performance. Guess, no problem to buy it per unit. But, if you are an existing Realme 7 Pro user, it feels like there is no reason for you to upgrade to Realme 8 Pro. Unless, you want to feel the experience of using a large 108-Megapixel sensor camera which I will tell about its quality in the next paragraph.