Realme 8 Pro Camera Quality

Realme 8 Pro Camera Quality. Recording With More Accurate Coloring At Night. In the past, if we wanted to record beautiful scenery at night, the existing function on a smartphone was just a flash to help produce clear recordings even in dark environments. Yet after undergoing various innovations, most smartphones now come with some of their own functions that can help produce better quality night recordings. For realme 8 Pro, various night mode recordings you can use. Among them are:

Super Nightscape-This function has been updated to the fifth generation that combines 3 technologies, namely ISOCELL Plus, Smart ISO and Pixel Binning 9-in-1 to produce clearer, more beautiful and quality night shots.

Starry Mode – This mode is aided by the algorithms available on this smartphone to produce brighter night recordings and less noise effects.

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Easy To Produce A Variety Of Quality Video Works

In addition to picture recording, the video recording quality on this realme 8 Pro can also be said to be satisfactory because it is assisted by several video recording modes that are easy to use. Among the video recording modes available on the realme 8 Pro are:

Starry Time-Lapse Video-this realme 8 Pro is the first smartphone in the world to include this functionality. It supports produce time lapse video recording where the last 15 pictures will taken; and combined to produce time lapse video with a speed of 30fps.

Tilt-shift Time-lapse Video-According to realme; they are also the first brand in the world to come with time-lapse video support on this tilt-shift function. This function allows you to capture a wider scene and give the illusion of a miniature -like perspective. Through it, you can produce time-lapse tilt-shift videos with 10x speed to get a unique composition.

Ultra Nightscape Video – It functions the same as last night’s shooting mode; which aid by AI technology to get clearer and more beautiful night video footage.

Lastly Dual View Video – This function allows you to see yourself through a small window of the selfie camera; while using the rear camera at the same time.